Red Rubber Road (AnaHell & Nathalie Dreier)


We are an art collective working primarily with performative self-portrait photography, sound and movement.

The human body is the most accessible, and arguably the most powerful tool for self-expression.
It is also the one tangible thing that everyone has regardless of their social status, ethnicity or

We can use the body in ways that transcend human identity, we can transform ourselves to create momentary sculptures as well as make bold statements.

Through our body, we can use all of our senses to interact and connect with the world around us.

Simultaneously, the body is also ephemeral, vulnerable and undergoing constant change.

All of these aspects flow into our work. By choosing to collectively be our own protagonists and creators, we establish an ongoing
dialogue not only with our own corporeal boundaries, but also with those of each other and of our surroundings.

Flesh is interchangeable, dreams are fluid, reality is a game.

Red Rubber Road-Artist-portrait

These self-portraits portray us interacting and merging with one another and our surroundings in an embrace of the unusual and the carnal.

With our bodies, we compose reflections on intimacy and the boundaries of the self within relationships – the stages in close bonding where entities and identities mingle to the point that their existences blur and their own borders disappear.

Our exhibitions include Paper Positions Art Fair (2020), Schwules Museum (2019), Whole Festival
(2019) and Soho House (2019), among others. Our work has been published in the book New Queer Photography as well as in Glamcult, Curated by Girls, FisheEye Magazine, Foto Femme, United, etc.

Upcoming exhibitions:
New Queer Photography, 2022