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From France but based in Lisboa Portugal

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Curated by Girls

My mission with CuratedByGirls is to give a voice to female-idenIfying/queer artists and offer them a free space where they can express how they feel, the fear, the anxiety, the wisdom, any kind of feeling they have. It can either be showing the absurdity of our modern societies, or on the contrary, the richness, the beauty in and around all of us.

Our world is diverse, comes in many different shapes. Why should there be only one way?

But here comes “censorship” !

In general, censorship is omnipresent in our societies and it is amplified on social media, as it is a “window” in our current world. Suddenly you realize, freedom of speech is a fantasy, even when your intentions are good. And it’s frustrating even infuriating when a piece of art/picture featuring a naked female body is censored.

How offending that the female body would be considered inappropriate. in 2021 !!!! really?

My mission has never been to shock my audience! My mission is to free minds from clichés/ stereotypes. Stop the narraIves “Women are like this, women are like that, etc…” We should be able to define and choose who and what we want to be and not have men dictate the rules for us?

Laetitia © Oliver Halfin

Banning is not suppressing. Banning is oppression.

Curatedbygirls has always aimed to fight for acceptance, for more diversity & inclusion, and against the stereotypes that confine women. One of the biggest problem, in my opinion, is the sexualization of our societies. Hyper-sexualisation on one side, or on the opposite, a puritan vision religiously controlled !
The issue with the Female nipple is absolutely ridiculous. In America female nipples are more controlled than guns. LOL. I

It’s so ridiculous. the double standard is real. uggh. People need to understand once and for all that female nipples are not JUST a sex object. It is ALSO a vital funcIon to feed babies.

I can admit some content on IG or Facebook can be really graphic and can shock. But I wouldn’t necessarily ban these visuals. Banning is not suppressing. Banning is oppression.

Recently i uploaded a work by Italian photographer Giulia Boggio.

A very beautiful black and white series about body, acceptance and fears, on the meaning of having a body.

The photos i chose for Instagram were not showing any nipples or going against the guidelines…

But the post was banned. Surprise!

Too much female skin and body shape for instagram to handle apparently.

This was quite infuriaIng and destabilising, as i felt instagram didn’t even respect their own guidelines anymore.

This was instagram telling us that the existence of the female body is offensive. NOT RIGHT!

Photo: Giulia Boggio

Also Ive been selling tshirts in collaboraIon with arIsts and via EVERPRESS. We often use Facebook & instagram ADS tools.

But we both experienced our ads being banned for being considered inappropriate, which is really shocking to me.

Especially because the designs on the t-shirts are all illustrations and i cannot understand how these illustrations can be inappropriate honestly.

2 years ago I lost my Facebook page.

Closing my page was the equivalent to making me lose my job in some way.

I have been using the cbg Facebook page as a very important tool for events invitations, and links to features on my website.

The photo that caused it was a picture by Red Rubber Road. It was really unfair to shut me down.

The content I share is very positive, about self-love, diversity, body positvity.

Really trying to help people out there and making the world a more respectful place.

And the content i share is ART.

PHOTO by RED RUBBER ROAD ( @redrubberroad)

Here’s that I would tell Instagram & Facebook if I had the chance !

“Really ?

Are you serious ?

A female nipple is offending?

A female nipple equals sex ?

What kind of pervert are you ?

And also: as long as the nipple in itself is hidden, being half naked, faking sex positions and performances, that is ok !

Not that I have anything against owning your body and sexuality and showing it…on the opposite. But Isn’t the nuance of what is acceptable or not quite absurd ?

The media has brainwashed our society with norms and unattainable beauty standards for ages.

Leading to insecurity, shame and depression.

Social media has nowadays a real responsibility. Instead of shutting us down/up, social medias need to help us ALL feel better about ourselves.

Instagram should re-think its rules and understand the importance of coming together to end the inequalities, the censorship, and the taboos. Let’s go!

With this ridiculous censorship, I can loose 5 years of hard work in the blink of an eye just because the algorithm decides that a photo must be deleted. While in reality children can easily check free porn all day long !

Ironic, hypocrite, and outrageous. We’re in 2021 and stiIll dealing with such irony. Isn’t it a sick society we’re supposed to adjust to?

PHOTO by ALINA GROSS ( @alina.gross )

Hello togetherness!

The last 2 years have been tough and uncertain because of Covid. I am now in Lisbon and I can’t wait to discover what the city has to offer in terms of art & spaces. I feel there is a lot to do, and I am definitely aiming to organize a CBG event here. I would love to get some Berlin artists & organizations to help me/support the project and put a beautiful event all together!

Because, that’s how we have to think from now on. Bye Bye selfishness, hello Togetherness !

Only by coming together we can tear down patriarcal ideas, taboos and stereotypes.

This world of “me, me me”, needs to end, it can no longer exist.

Header PHoto: by MILENA PAULINA @olhardepaulina_ )