lives and works in NY



What artistic credentials do the programmers of IG algorithms have?

Or the people who ultimately decide in an appeal what is permissible?

Generally my work illustrates my anxieties, and as wonderful as Instagram is for so many reasons, it is the cause of much concern and has deeply affected the way I work.

The fear of erasure at the mercy of an anonymous god

My most recent post that was flagged (as of this writing) was a sequence of images of a seedling growing out of a print.

It was ten images carefully pixelated according to IG rules but the post was removed immediately.

I appealed the deletion, won, and received notification my images were reposted, but they never were.

I tried posting them again, they were removed again, I appealed, and never heard back.

Instagram has become integral to my practice, allowing my work to be seen without needing the permission of traditional institutional gatekeepers.

However this exposure comes with the price of a potentially compromised vision and a constant fear of erasure at the mercy of an anonymous god.


Johanna’s work explores loneliness, anxiety, womanhood and individuality. She received her MA in photography from the London College of Communication and her BFA in photography from Purchase College. Jordanna has had her work shown nationally, internationally and online. She works on many different things very slowly all at once.

Her recent work includes the publication of the series Little Romances with Daylight Books and she is currently working on a series about the male dominated history of photography and its influence on her practice.