Ethnicity: Wixárika
Pronouns: they & them
Origin: Berkeley, CA (USA)
Profession(s) / attributes: Contemporary Artist / Courtesy of the Artist





Perpetual Flowering

I am sharing a video titled KauyumariTatewari, which I debuted as a part of the exhibition Perpetual Flowering in 2019.

This was my first solo show at the Vincent Price Art Museum.

In this work, I explore the translation of sacred ceremonial songs into electronic music and the hybridization of my queer, mutant, psychedelic aesthetics with sacred indigenous and ancestral narratives and deities.

In this video, I also take on the role of a sacred deity in order to place my fat, queer, nonbinary body in the role of an elevated sacred liminal being.

The title of this piece is the joining of two ancestors I have made this video in honor for.

It is also the first artwork I have ever made that features my naked torso and is a big step for me, as someone who has felt self-conscious about their body for most of their lives.

Our magic and our connection with each other is always going to be more powerful than algorithms and shadowbanning. Our spells and the projects we are working on (which are also spells) are actively doing the work needed to dismantle these systems of exclusion and oppression!

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