she/her photographer alina.gross The female breast is beautiful, useful and sexy at the same time. It is crowned, so to speak, by the nipple. This can either be glorified or demonized as the crowning glory of the sexiness of the breast. Or you see it as the culmination of the asexual functionality of the … Read more


she/her  from Ghent/ Belgium elkedesutter E.D.VID.INSTL I’m a visual manipulator of the body as we know it. Creating your own visual language by means of images, manipulating and controlling the matter, completely fascinates me while creating a new piece of art.  My starting point is a fascination with the human body and how we … Read more


she/her visusal artist, photographer, art director co-founder red rubber road collective anahellphotography A dialogue between reality and absurdity As a child I spent countless hours staring at little scratches and bumps on floors and walls, in the shapes I saw twisted creatures that made me ask myself if I lived in two worlds at … Read more


she/her lives and works in NY Photographer rabbitsparrow What artistic credentials do the programmers of IG algorithms have? Or the people who ultimately decide in an appeal what is permissible? Generally my work illustrates my anxieties, and as wonderful as Instagram is for so many reasons, it is the cause of much concern and … Read more


pronouns: I am me, she From Stockholm living in Edinburgh (Swedish mum Armenian dad)  profession(s) PHOTOGRAPHER whentheblackbirdsings_ JannicaHoneyPhotography Twitter is for arguing 😉 Swedish-born Jannica Honey has won praise for her striking photographs of women. Honey moved to Edinburgh to study photography and digital imaging after completing a BA in anthropology & criminology at … Read more


White – she/her From France but based in Lisboa Portugal Art curator & songwriter – always curious and dedicated dog mother curatedbygirls Curated by Girls My mission with CuratedByGirls is to give a voice to female-idenIfying/queer artists and offer them a free space where they can express how they feel, the fear, the anxiety, … Read more


she/her Artist, feminist activist exshaps @nipeople + @nipocrisy_ As a young girl I was strong and I loved being strong. I could hit a baseball far and dance on pointe. I loved clothes and expressing myself physically. I took pride in my body and all it could do. But when I became a … Read more


My work often reflects on the abuse I have experienced in my life and helps me regain control over my body. It’s ironic and laughable that they’re taking down my artworks to “protect” certain groups. I’ve seen so much gore and violence on Facebook, I simply refuse to believe a pixelated nipple is going to … Read more


ABOUT CENSORSHIP I posted this on Instagram with the following text, and it was removed without notifying me: CW: censorship/violence of silencing There’s too much to say on censorship and I’m not the one that should voice it all, but here are some thoughts (feel free to send me other resources that I can share … Read more


Cuban AmericanShe / TheyMiami, FL/ USA Dayana Ruiz (@ruizfineart) Dayana Ruiz ( Breast Shirt – the project Breast Shirt, an interactive installation, is a printed image of one’s uncensored breasts on a t-shirt worn in public or private spaces. The series was inspired by the constant frustrating over the obvious hypocrisy that Instagram engages in, … Read more