visusal artist, photographer, art director

co-founder red rubber road collective


A dialogue between reality and absurdity

Ana Hell, self portrait, echo chamber, series
Ana Hell, self portrait, echo chamber, series

As a child I spent countless hours staring at little scratches and bumps on floors and walls, in the shapes I saw twisted creatures that made me ask myself if I lived in two worlds at once.

With photography I try to create a world that is separate from the one we live in but that uses this world as its home.

My main obsession is the plasticity of the human body and I often strip my subjects of their identity in order to create something entirely new yet strangely familiar.

My shooting process is quite spontaneous and interactive.

I like to immerse myself in an environment and see what it triggers in my mind.

Even the most banal locations can conceal something uncanny and extraordinary.

Photography is my way of asking questions, it’s a dialogue between reality and absurdity.

Everything is an illusion

I like to think of my work as a documentation of alternate realities


My exhibitions include Paper Positions Air Fair Berlin (2020), Schwules Museum Berlin (2019), PHotoEspaña (2018), etc.

My work has been published in the book New Queer Photography as well as in and Le Petit Voyeur #6, LFI Magazine, Lampoon Magazine, Musée Magazine, Curated by Girls, etc.

I am also a member of the collective Red Rubber Road in collaboration with Nathalie Dreier.

Upcoming exhibitions:

36th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, Hyères, 2021 New Queer Photography, 2022